10 Most Comfortable Nintendo Switch Games, Ranked

The appeal of video games often lies in the feeling of accomplishment when defeating a difficult task or being a winner among many competitors. Sometimes, however, gamers just want a fun way to spend a quiet afternoon at home. This is where the trend that the gaming community often refers to as “comfortable gaming” comes in.

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“Comfortable games” can be defined as games with enjoyable art styles, simple learning curves, and intuitive mechanics that promote a comfortable and enjoyable experience for players of all skill levels. Although this trend is not limited to one console or genre, there is an impressive library of comfortable games available on the Nintendo Switch.

ten Donut County brings chaos to characters, but relaxation to players

A picture of the Donut County game

donut county from indie developer Ben Esposito is a delightfully weird adventure where the game mechanics have a very literal impact on the game world. The player controls a hole in the ground that devours objects as it moves beneath them, and the more stuff the hole consumes, the bigger it gets. This continues until all of Donut County’s citizens and all of their possessions are deep underground, seeking survival and a way out. As the story embraces chaos, there’s a soothing satisfaction in clearing each level and discovering which objects cause new effects in the hole.

9 Untitled Goose Game Encourages Mischief

A goose still from Untitled Goose Game

Set in a beautiful English village, players can wreak absolute havoc as an ambitious little waterfowl in Untitled Game of Goose by House House. The goose can interact with any villager or object around it, causing various reactions.

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Wherever the goose roams, the shenanigans are sure to follow, as they fly, weave and honk their horns in places like a garden, a local market and the neighborhood pub. In the end, players will be happy to see that they have banned the goose from almost every place in town.

8 The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is an adorable throwback to the past

The modern version of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening not only draws inspiration from the old version of the game, but also clay art styles, which means that not only Link and his allies, but even their enemies, are downright adorable. Apart from the typical The Legend of Zelda Locations, Link’s Awakening takes players to a tropical island where Link of course woke up on the beach after a storm. As he ventures to locate the magical instruments that will allow him to return home, players are treated to an environment full of bright colors and sly references to other nintendo Properties.

7 Yoshi’s Crafted World builds an adventure from familiar materials

A photo of Yoshi's Crafted World

Another beloved Nintendo character, Yoshi, embarks on a journey through an extremely cute setting in Yoshi’s craft world. While the gameplay and mechanics may be remarkably simple, Yoshi’s environment is done in incredible detail. Everything players see in the game should look like it was made from everyday objects and crafting supplies such as construction paper, felt, or buttons. With a co-op mode, players can even enjoy crafting getaways with a friend or two and experience the nostalgic arts and crafts feel of the game together.

6 Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a daily break from reality

A promotional image for Animal Crossing New Horizons

When it premiered in early 2020, Animal Crossing: New Horizons took the world by storm. It seemed that anyone with access to a Nintendo Switch had suddenly developed a double life, the one in reality and the one on their island. With the big updates and Happy Home Paradise DLC that have been released since the game’s original arrival on the scene, it’s only become more populated with fun things to do and see. One of Animal Crossing best qualities is however also one of its greatest weaknesses: the game progresses in real time. This means players can enjoy holidays and birthdays with their villagers, but it also means that if something prevents them from playing for a while, the game will notice their absence.

5 Stardew Valley lets players set their own pace

Take care of the crops

The insanely popular indie farming simulator Stardew Valley was ported to the Nintendo Switch in October 2017 after significant success on other platforms. Although there is potential in Stardew Valley for players to speed up the game or attempt to maximize their farm’s efficiency, there is no in-game pressure to do so.

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Time stops when players leave the game, and there is no imposed timeline for any of the game’s many milestones or achievements. Instead, it encourages players to continue activities they find the most interesting, be it farming, fishing or flirting with local singles.

4 Spiritfarer is a gentle yet emotional journey

Spiritfarer: a cozy game to play in bad weather

In Spiritfarer, players take on the role indicated by the title: they help transport the spirits to the afterlife. Part resource management, part action-adventure, Spiritfarer takes players along as Stella helps a nice group of passengers reach their final destinations, spending lots of quality time with them along the way and making excellent use of the game’s hug mechanic. Fans of the game recommend to have plenty of tissues on hand, as the bonds players form with their passengers can lead to several tearful moments throughout.

3 Coffee Talk is a sweet alternate reality

Coffee Talk, a conversation game on steam

Coffee talk invites players to enter an urban-fantasy Seattle where humans and mythical creatures live in relative harmony. The gameplay guides players along the various story paths branching out based on the choices they make while serving customers in their cafe. The fantastic elements of Coffee talk hold a gentle mirror to real-life struggles and puzzles, encouraging players to take a fresh perspective on their own stories. The color scheme and music are carefully crafted to create a restful atmosphere for players as they discover the rich and fulfilling stories of the citizens of alternative Seattle.

2 A short hike explores the great outdoors

A Short Hike Claire Gliding

Developed by Adam Robinson-Yu, A short hike was released in 2019 and then adapted for the Switch in 2020. The game’s protagonist, Claire, stays with her ranger Aunt May at Hawk Peak Provincial Park for the summer but has to walk up Hawk Peak to get enough reception for an important phone call .

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Although the main objective of the game can be achieved easily in a single sitting, A Short Hike is a beautiful open world full of characters, items, activities, and side quests that players can spend hours enjoying.

1 Unboxing is the fun version of putting things away

A kitchen from the game Unpacking

Part puzzle game, part home decor, Unpacking follows its main character as she moves through different spaces and houses, taking a box upon box of her belongings with her. While the gameplay itself is all about where items are placed, players can also join the main character on her journey and unfold the story based on where she moves and what she chooses to bring with it. The slow, low-stakes mechanics along with the comfortable visuals and enjoyable sound design make Unpacking the ultimate comfortable play, and the lingering question of “what if it could go there instead?” allows players to return even after the end.

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