Baiju Parthan to present artistic works in New York

Baiju Parthan is one of the most famous Indian contemporary artists.

And he’s ready to take the nostalgia of Mumbai to London and New York with his next show titled Mill junction. This show is about Mumbai as a city that exists in retrospect only as a memory or memory. It’s also how these memories are erased or changed by technology and social change.

A total of seven works will be shown at the AICON Gallery in New York (starting March 5) and later the exhibition will move to London with additional works.

Baiju’s solo exhibition after a two-year period was scheduled earlier. But it was the recession that pushed it back. He explains: “The delay was mainly due to the fact that I took a long time to complete the work. In addition, the recession had an influence on the lag of dates. I mean, there wasn’t a lot of pressure to meet dates on the gallery side, mainly because of the recession. “

Ask him what the USP of the exhibit is and he responds with a smile, “I would say, some good old fashioned paintings – only by the artist.” He continues, “This show is a development or the next logical step of what I’ve done – which is the exploration of ‘the image’ in the information space. These are paintings made from photographic references and then the painting is intentionally disfigured with painted ASCII code graffiti. (The digital photographs / albums that we look at on computer screens are actually made up of ASCII code which is analyzed / translated into images by the computer). The photographic works attempt to present the city environment as it might be experienced in first person shooters (FPS computer games).

Finally, the shy artist makes a few remarks on the expectations of the show. He says, “I hope the exhibition will be appreciated for its conceptual and formal strength. It will be accessible to those who are open enough to look past auction prices and resale values. On the other hand, to be quite frank, I have no expectations. We do what we believe in and hope to continue to do so in the future.

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