Coachella returns from COVID-19 hiatus with a bang The Badger Herald

The first weekend of the annual Coachella Music and Arts Festival has passed, and just as the dust starts to settle, everyone will be back for another weekend of music, fashion and entertainment.

After two years of cancellation, celebrities and people from all over the country came to California in colorful and flamboyant outfits to enjoy the festival this year.

With a long-awaited return, the first night of Coachella was unforgettable. Featured artist Harry Styles delighted fans with his memorable performance, including the live debut of his new hit song “As It Was” and a new musical teaser.

Taking the audience by surprise, Styles introduced country singer Shania Twain later in her performance for a duet between the two singers. It wasn’t the only surprise of the night – band Arcade Fire appeared as a surprise addition to the setlist, Daniel Caesar brought Justin Bieber on stage to perform his song “Peaches” and Anitta enlisted Snoop Dogg to present. his set.

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The first night back at Coachella after a two-year hiatus undoubtedly exceeded expectations. With a successful return after COVID-19, ticket holders were looking forward to the day after the performances.

Although the second night did not contain as many surprises, it was a night that made history. Argentinian trap singer Nicki Nicole performed in America for the first time, emotionally confessing to her audience that she didn’t expect many people to watch her first show in the United States.

It was also the first time the 88rising label had joined the Coachella line-up, and Brazilian star Pabllo Vittar became the first drag queen to grace the Coachella stage.

On top of all that, headliner Billie Eilish became the youngest headliner in Coachella history. On that groundbreaking night, Eilish gave an electric performance, and the way she humbly addressed her audience while performing made her performance that bit more special.

Only one question comes to mind after two incredible nights: how will the third night measure up to the others?

Coachella’s final night wrapped up a memorable weekend. SInger Finneas paid a tribute to 4*Town with the live debut of the movie’s hit song “Nobody Like You.”

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Although not the headliner of the evening, pop star Doja Cat gave a highly anticipated performance. The performance featured elaborate stage decorations including a spiral staircase and a giant enlargement of a figure that resembled the visuals from his album.”Planet Elle. Doja Cat played energetically with fun choreography between bars – his weeks of rehearsal in preparation definitely paid off.

Headlining the night was the unexpected but dynamic duo of The Weeknd and Swedish House Mafia. They closed the festival with a bang by including some of The Weeknd’s greatest hits, which left the audience satisfied with the end of the weekend.

Coachella’s glorious return from COVID-19 has been an unforgettable weekend for the music world filled with captivating performances, history-making artists and overall great music.

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