Discover your personal exterior design style, from classic-chic to bio-modern

Magis Sam Son chair in red and charcoal, $795 each, Design Within Reach, Photo by Mark Seelen courtesy of DWR.


Plus, tips for choosing the best outdoor furniture material for your outdoor space.

Upgrading your outdoor getaway? This compilation of outdoor furniture in a range of styles will help you organize your space and soak up Colorado’s natural splendor.

Bright + Bold

Funky-fresh furniture in vibrant colors and unexpected shapes.

1. lights: courtesy of dwr; 2. Table: Courtesy of Floyd; 3. Sofa: Courtesy of West Elm;
4. side table: courtesy of creative living; 5. planter: courtesy of vondom adan; 6. raviolo chair: courtesy of dwr; 7. lounge chair: courtesy of west elm; 8. outdoor fireplace: courtesy of creative living; 9. rocking chair: courtesy of creative living; 10. spun chair: courtesy of dwr.

1. Santorini exterior pendant – $817 each, Design at your fingertips,
2. The outdoor table – in Citrine, $845, Floyd,
3. Tufted Sectional – from $2,249 a piece, West Elm,
4. Diamond Punch Side Table/Stool – $695, Creative Life,
5. Vondom Adan Face Planter – from $325, Creative Living,
6. Magis Spun Chair – in red, $995, Design at your fingertips,
7. Paradise Outdoor Lounger – $999, West Elm,
8. Moder cone hearth – in charcoal gray, $1,995, Creative Living,
9. Click on the rocking chair – $659, Creative Life,
10. Magis Raviolo Chair – in Orange, $645, Design at your fingertips,

Modern Organic

Raw textures and calm, earthy tones that connect with nature.

1. Outdoor Chair: Courtesy of Denver Modern; 2. dining table: courtesy of the exterior port; 3. pendant: courtesy of crafted goods; 4. Carpet: Courtesy of Modern Denver; 5. Pots: Courtesy of Nature’s Legacy; 6. lantern: courtesy of vincent sheppard; 7. roxy dining chair: courtesy of vincent sheppard; 8. loop dining chair: courtesy of vincent sheppard; outdoor fireplace: courtesy of Frontgate; 10. end table: courtesy of denver modern.

1. Lane Outdoor Chair – in the sand, $2,195, Denver Modern,
2. Victoria Teak Dining Table – in Natural, $6,750, Harbor Outdoor,
3. Myrleen Pendant – price on request, Made Goods, available via Design Wright Studios,,
4. Chula Outdoor Rug – from $595, Denver Modern,
5. Harvest pots – in Natural, from $39 each, Nature’s Legacy,
6. Tika Lanterns – price on request, Vincent Sheppard,
7. Roxy Dining Chair – in Camel, price on request, Vincent Sheppard,
8. Loop Dining Chair – to Moss, price on request, Vincent Sheppard,
9. Bryndle Root Hearth – $1,699, front door,
10. Dante side table – $695, Modern Denver,

Classic chic

Lovely details and nods to traditional style add an element of sophistication.

1. Bird Feeder: Courtesy of Ballard Designs; 2. dining chair: courtesy of manufactured products; 3. Swivel Chair: Courtesy of Serena & Lily; 4. umbrella: courtesy of frontgate; 5. dining table: courtesy of janus et cie; 6. lanterns: courtesy of ballard designs; 7. coffee table: courtesy of manufactured products; 8. fixed chair: courtesy of yardbird; 9. Hadley Chair: Courtesy of Manufactured Products; 10. planters: courtesy of Frontgate.

1. Bunny Williams Bird Feeder – $99, Ballard designs,
2. Aurora Dining Chair – price on request, Made Goods, available via Design Wright Studios,,
3. Sundial Covered Outdoor Swivel Chair– in Palm Coastal Blue, $2,298, Serena & Lily,
4. Bardot Design Umbrella – in Air Blue, from $1,699, Frontgate,
5. Amalfi Stone Round Dining Table– in Slate, from $8,825, Janus et Cie,
6. Bunny Williams Outdoor Lantern – from $99 each, Ballard Designs,
7. Dagen coffee table – price on request, Made Goods, available via Design Wright Studios,,
8. Waverly Outdoor Stationary Chair – with Silver upholstery, $610, Yardbird,
9. Hadley Chair – price on request, Made Goods, available via Design Wright Studios,,
10. Classic Tuscan Indoor/Outdoor Urn – in black, from $349 each, Frontgate,

Choosing the Best Outdoor Furniture Material for Your Alfresco Space

From teak and bamboo to powder coated metals, we help you find the material that’s right for you.

When it comes to choosing outdoor furniture, materials matter. To guide you to the best combination for your outdoor space and lifestyle, we asked Micheline Stone, owner of Creative Living, a Santa Fe Arts District showroom brimming with patio furniture and accessories. modern, the main characteristics of four popular options. Follow the flowchart to find your outdoor fit.

For very sunny outdoor areas

If you want something as soft as a cloud and versatile…
To try: fully padded
For a lounge space worthy of a nap, opt for upholstered outdoor furniture that’s as comfortable as your indoor sofa. Stone recommends choosing pieces with fade- and water-resistant Sunbrella fabrics, which stand up to the sun and changing weather conditions (as well as children and pets) and are available in a variety of color options. colors and patterns to suit your style.

If you prefer a seat with more backbone (and don’t mind the annual maintenance)…
To try: Teak and bamboo
Most wood tends to break and dry quickly in Colorado’s arid climate, Stone says, so if you like the natural look, she suggests these durable, crack-resistant options (which tend to be more expensive than other materials). The intense Denver sun can fade the staining of these woods over time, but treating them once or twice a year with a natural wood oil will keep the color looking fresh.

For outdoor spaces that achieve a balance between sun and shade

If you still want structure, but prefer to keep it effortless…
To try: Powder coated metals
“These materials are resistant to sun, snow, salt, dripping water and, depending on the size of the product, sometimes even high winds,” Stone says of the powder-coated steel and aluminum furniture, available in a range of prices. The scratch and chip resistant finish stands up to regular wear and cleans easily, perfect for the whole family.

If you want the most kid-friendly, budget-friendly, and environment-friendly option…
To try: recycled plastic
Furniture made from recycled plastics – “it could be milk jugs or plastics [pulled] from the Mediterranean Sea,” Stone notes, is both durable and eco-friendly, and it’s often more affordable than furniture made from other materials. Tips: Look for dyed and non-spray painted products, as the latter chip and scratch. And pigmented recycled plastic might be best for shaded rest areas because it tends to absorb heat.

This article originally appeared in the April/May 2022 issue of 5280 Home.

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