Emotion, expression, excellence – how these three artists describe their creative journeys

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Hosted by Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath in Bangalore, the Chitra Santhe 2021 festival showcased over 1,000 artists from India and overseas. 18th Annual Art Festival Held Virtually Due To Pandemic (see our long series of photo essays here).

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Sheelvanth Yadgiri

Vimla ramsahaye

“Art consists of transmitting history, culture, observations and emotions through an explosion of colors,” explains the Mauritian artist. Vimla Ramsahaye, in a conversation with Your story.

“The artist’s inspiration, harmony and sensitivity in creating a work of art can provide pleasure and positive feelings to the viewer. It is a form of meditation that emanates an element of the sacred, thus having the power to uplift the soul, ”she enthuses.

The magical influence in art is sometimes beyond our comprehension. “Art is the beauty that adorns our life,” adds Vimla. She sees success by working towards perfection and gaining appreciation from an art lover or praise from a connoisseur.

Vimla ramsahaye

It calls for a greater appreciation of art in society. “Awareness to raise the inner artist is imperative. The love of working towards the artistic path should be encouraged in all, ”recommends Vimla. Digital media can help increase this awareness, especially among young people.

For Chitra Santhe, she created works like The Whirling Dervish. “It was dusk. My inspiration was the quest for calm and inner harmony, and only the movement of the whirling dervish would connect me to the Absolute. Words fail me to explain. It’s a deep feeling, ”she recalls.

While locking out the pandemic has been difficult for artists, Vimla believes it offers valuable lessons as well. “It taught me to be less demanding in life, to be content with what is available and to make life easy and simple. Stress management was an ongoing process, ”she adds.

“Traditional exhibitions have been canceled for social security reasons. Online exhibitions came to my rescue as I was invited to participate virtually, and it was a blessing. You always have to look on the bright side of life, ”advises Vimla.

Online exhibitions have shown how the art world can rise and fall in the face of adversity. The internet has also connected artists from all over the world, she observes, though she misses the human warmth of physical exhibits.

“All artists are dreamers. Let’s work on our dreams and live life with a light heart so that we become free thinkers ”, Vimla advises budding artists.

Jayadeva H

Jayadeva H

“For me, art means a journey into the exploration of the soul,” explains Mysuru artist Jayadeva H. He was also an art teacher. His works are inspired by Indian spirituality and mythology, linking text and images.

“Everyone has the ability to appreciate art, it is an innate characteristic of man,” he observes. His works are priced at Rs 75,000 to Rs 2.5 lakh.

While he lacks the human connections of physical exhibits, he says he enjoys online exhibits to be able to overcome the physical constraints of galleries and exhibition spaces.

Nivedita Gouda

Artist Nivedita Gouda presented her works of art Buddha series (see my cover of his works during the previous Oorja exhibition here).

“The works of art are mixed media paintings, with acrylic paint on canvas as well as objects such as capiz seashells from Bambolim Beach in Goa, ”she describes. The translucent seashells are real and glued to the canvas.

“They add value and bring out the true beauty of nature,” says Nivedita. His works are priced at Rs 3,000 to Rs 50,000.

“Art has kept me sane during these difficult times of the pandemic. I try and assimilate all experiences that I pass through ideas to be expressed through art, ”describes Nivedita.

Nivedita Gouda

“Any idea when expressed gives a kind of relief and joy. Creativity in expression it is through the choice of elements, composition, colors and tones to add beauty to the work, ”she adds.

“The best part about finished work is when it connects with another human being and touches them in an inspiring way. This joy is limitless and gave me the hope I so badly needed during the pandemic, ”recalls Nivedita. While there has been less interaction with others due to the pandemic, there is also less distraction.

She also appreciates the convenience of being able to experience an online exhibit from home. “But art needs are best absorbed by physical presence. Even the lighting, the angle and the ambiance make a huge difference for a viewer to be impacted and connect with the art, ”she explains.

“The textures and true colors of the work go unnoticed in a photograph,” she laments. Many viewers also want to physically see the work before purchasing, which limits online sales. Valuable comments and reviews can also be lower when viewing online compared to physical interactions.

“Keep working. All the experiences in all aspects of your life should become an inspiration to produce original works. Practice is key and hard work pays off,” Nivedita concludes, offering advice to artists. budding.

Now what have you done today to take a break from your busy schedule and find new ways to harness your inner creativity?

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