Harry Styles ‘Harry’s House’ Album: Where to Buy Harry Styles Furniture

It’s no secret that Harry Styles has been setting trends in the fashion world over the past five years, constantly evolving his style to break down boundaries and inspire new looks. But this time, as he prepares to release his third album Harry’s house, it’s not just her looks that create conversation. Oh no, Harry Styles is now one of the biggest home and interior influencers on the planet.

While his music is, of course, his standout offering, we all know by now that Harry Styles is an expert at creating and defining an aesthetic. It’s no wonder, then, that ever since he first took a look at his new album and cover art, fans and interior design enthusiasts alike have been inspired by the simple, minimalist and laid-back looks he’s created. on his pocket. From the orange sofa to the yellow table lamp and even the rustic wooden dining table featured in her recent photo shoot with Better homes and gardens, it mixes that modern, neutral, minimalist feel with more retro vintage pieces. And since then, furniture brands have since seen a surge in interest in similar pieces (Made reported an uptick of 100% and 150% MoM interest in its similar table and chairs after filming dropped).

If, like us, you’ve instantly reconsidered the aesthetics of your entire home after a quick glance at Harry’s house, We have what you need. To make sure your home looks as sleek and put together as Harry’s (upside down), we’ve found the best pieces on the market to help you achieve the look, all at our favorite furniture stores from Made to Okay. .

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From the album cover….

This orange couch

We have to be honest, an orange sofa hasn’t caught our eye since the iconic Friends The couch burst onto the scene in the late 90s. Easily the standout piece from the Harry’s house album cover, you can find a pretty good dupe for Harry’s orange sofa at Made or John Lewis.

John Lewis & Partners Hendricks Medium 2 Seater Sofa


John Lewis and Partners

The minimalist side table

While it’s probably not the first thing you think about investing in when redecorating a room, your side table can have a big impact on your space. Harry’s minimalist, stripped-down table gives his space a slightly industrial feel, which we love. The best dupe? “Nottingham Metal & Pine Parquet” side table by La Redoute.

Nottingham side table in metal and herringbone parquet La Redoute Nottingham

dried flowers

Dried flowers can really bring your space together. If you’ve noticed how much whimsy they add to Harry’s living room, you can get a similar bouquet of dried flowers from Oliver Bonas and Made, both of which are the easiest (and most affordable) way to decorate Harry’s living room. bring a touch of Harry’s house cheers.

Oliver Bonas Spicy Dried Flower Bouquet

Bouquet of dried flowers Made Amabelle

From the shooting of Better Homes & Gardens…

It’s not just Harry’s album cover that inspired us with major interiors recently. Posing for a shoot with Better homes and gardens, we were presented with another home layout that has held our attention ever since. We’ll excuse the hole in his socks for the way this breakfast vibe is set up.

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