Laois Nationalist — The Laois man census statement is an art form!

Mike Gibson, commercial artist from Portarlington

By Carmel Hayes

A gifted Laois proved that a census can be an art form!

Portarlington’s Mike Gibson used his artistry to capture Will Smith’s infamous Oscar slap for posterity, in the census time capsule section.

The self-taught commercial artist joked, “Me trying to have a relaxing Sunday night… I spent a little more time on my census form than I should have.”

The sketch appeared in numerous media lists of time capsule highlights, after census night on April 3.

For the first time this year, a census time capsule invited people to send a message to the future, which will be stored for 100 years and released in 2122. True to form, Mike (26) couldn’t resist the call of a blank canvas and decided to sketch one of the viral news of the time.

An internet hit for his stunningly realistic portraits, the award-winning artist from Portarlington has 84,000 followers on Instagram and his fans around the world include Rhianna and Adele. His work can be seen on the Mike Gibson Art website, Instagram @mikegibsonartwork and Twitter @itismike

His celebrity commissions include a portrait of singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran and Dancing with the stars host Amanda Byram, both of whom he introduced in person. Big brand customers range from Coca Cola and Galaxy to Jack & Jones, Primark and Best Selected.

Regardless of Will Smith’s legacy, Laois’ 2022 message may well be appreciated by art lovers of the future.

Portrait of Adele by Laois artist Mike Gibson

Census time capsule sketch by Laois artist Mike Gibson

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