Namibia: Otjomuise Live Arts Festival calls for artistic works

The Otjomuise Live Arts Festival (OLAF) has announced the open call for artistic works for the first weeklong live arts festival which will take place from 06 to 13 November 2021 in Windhoek.

Co-produced by the National Theater of Namibia and the Goethe-Institut Namibia, the festival aims to bring life and the arts closer to the city, providing the opportunity to present and / or exhibit living art forms in public spaces in Windhoek. .

The name Otjomuise comes from the town’s name Otjiherero, which means “place of steam”. The name of the festival reflects not only the unique environmental character of the city, but also its rich heritage and boundless creativity to impact its people.

OLAF is largely provoked by the inaccessibility of the majority of the inhabitants of Windhoek to various artistic expressions; often limited to interior and sometimes inaccessible areas of the city. Thus, OLAF offers opportunities for immersive, experimental and refreshing artistic forms that can be presented or installed in public spaces where life and the arts can meet.

The themes of the works offered can cover a wide range and are not limited. Artistic works are encouraged to be short, small in scale, logistically feasible, and family-friendly. Ideas and works often excluded from traditional institutional contexts are strongly encouraged.

Although a selection of venues is already on offer for the festival, artists are encouraged to suggest preferred public venues. In addition, all proposed work must adhere to health and safety protocols outlined by local authority regulations.

Due to resource allocation, sets should not exceed four members. Standard material, rehearsal, and transportation costs of N $ 1000 will be provided to each artist under contract, who will be remunerated at an additional cost.

Windhoek-based individual and collective artists, visual, digital and conceptual are openly called upon to submit small-scale works to be featured in the festival, by applying through the online application form at Deadline application deadline is September 21, 2021.

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