NMSU art students create unique jewelry for annual sale

Jewelry and Metallurgy students from the Art Department at New Mexico State University will host the 39th Annual Jewelry Sale from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday, November 1 in the lobby of the NMSU Follett Bookstore at 1400 E. University Ave.

“We invite everyone to support the NMSU jewelry and goldsmith program,” said Motoko Furuhashi, assistant professor of art at the College of Arts and Sciences. “Proceeds from this sale will be used to support student activities in jewelry and metallurgy, as well as to help acquire new equipment and tools for the new art building.”

NMSU art student Julieanna Lerma’s pieces center around childhood nostalgia with earrings, brooches and necklaces she created from Barbie doll parts.

“The process can be difficult,” Lerma said. “Since this is a production-based job, we really have to focus on organizing our time and on a schedule to speed up the process. “

Last year’s jewelry sale made it much harder for student artists to complete their projects as COVID-19 restrictions limited their access to studio space and equipment.

“I had to find a way to create unique and durable jewelry with the materials and resources I had in my own home,” Lerma said. “Compared to last year, the process is much easier now. I have so many ideas for my parts now that I have access to materials like welding, laser cutting, etc.

As an artist, Lerma explained that the in-person setting on campus offered a number of perks that supported her creativity during the jewelry-making experience.

“Being around my peers and Motoko is also very refreshing,” said Lerma. “Whenever I need advice, my peers are nearby to give me their honest opinions and vice versa. I can also ask Motoko for help if I have technical and design issues. Overall, my experience so far with the jewelry making process has been refreshing and exciting.

The parking lot will provide free two-hour parking at the bookstore during the sale. For more information, visit their Facebook page by clicking here

Author: Minerva Baumann

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