Spider-Man’s darkest form unleashes his disgusting powers in new fan art

The darkest and weirdest Spider-Verse variant of Spider-Man is all spider-stars in a great piece of Marvel Comics fan art.

In a great piece of Marvel Comics fan art, the most disgusting variant of Spider-Man, Spiderman, a being made entirely of thousands of spiders, shows off its horrific powers. On his Twitter account, artist George Kambadais showed off his new piece featuring the bizarre spider hero, beautifully capturing the bizarre abilities of the Spider-Verse hero. Spiders-Man can be seen breaking apart as he swings with a bright sky behind him. It is a beautiful but frightening image.

The Spider-Verse is filled with different types of Spider-Heroes, with Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, and Spider-Man Noir being some of the most popular. However, the Spider-Verse is also home to some extremely weird and bizarre Spider-Heroes. From the humanoid-spider Man-Spider to the combined dinosaur-Spiderman Arachnosaur hero, there are plenty of weird creations in the Marvel Comics multiverse. However, Spiders-Man from Earth-11580, who appeared in the Spider-Geddon cross of Christos Gage and Jorge Molina, might be the rudest of them all. Originally, Peter Parker’s version became Spiders-Man after being devoured by a colony of radioactive spiders, as his consciousness became the hive mind for the arachnids. They trained together to create Spiders-Man, a disgusting hero made entirely of spiders.


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On his Twitter account, George Kambadais (John Carter of Mars) shared his amazing Spiders-Man fan art. The Ringo Award-nominated comic book artist’s take on the character is both disgusting and beautiful, as the art features the hero with the skyline behind him. Despite the beautiful day, Spiders-Man can be seen breaking apart as he swings through the air, as the art shows the spiders that make up his being. The image does a great job of showcasing Spiders-Man’s weird powers and existence while giving him some legitimately excellent fan art.

The strange Spider-Verse hero may look horrifying, but the image shows just how cool Spider-Man can be in action as he strikes a pose as the spiders form around him. It would be great fun to see an artist, like Kambadais, who clearly understands and enjoys drawing the character, tackle a miniseries featuring Spiders-Man. His disgusting powers and body could make for a dark horror adventure or a lighter adventure where his abilities are shown in a dumber light. Marvel could really take the hero’s story in any direction.

Seeing Spiders-Man get the fan art treatment from Marvel Comics shows that despite playing a small role in the Spider-Verse, the hero’s unorthodox appearance, existence, and powers continue to make him a fan-favorite hero. Hopefully readers will see more of the character in the future, as the fan art proves readers deserve to see more gross. Spiderman in the future.

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Source: Georges Kambadais – Twitter

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