Students amp up pre-Valentine’s Day style game on campus

After almost two years of calm, personal grooming is once again causing a sensation at home and in living rooms. After office goers, students are the latest to head to various grooming services as campuses resume physical classes. After the recently concluded Saraswati Puja festivities, the next step is Valentine’s Day which inspires young people to up their style game on campus. CT reached out to students and stylists to understand trends in the college fashion world.

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Most Popular Hair Trends Among College Students

  • At number one, the hair is dyed in bright and cheerful colors
  • Whether on highlights, tufts of hair or full length, college girls and even boys get colored or touched up
  • Salons encourage young people to keep their original hair texture intact and style around it
  • The salons appoint young and specialized hairdressers who are up to date with the latest trends
  • Young boys are more finicky when it comes to finding the right stylist for their fancy haircuts, salon experts say
  • Some boys are bold enough to experiment with hair tattoos

“What I love is bouncing my mane with bright colors. Mine is blue all the way through my hair and before college starts on February 22, I’d like to add a pink color to it. lively ”

Shrestha Kamara third year student of St Xavier’s College (autonomous)

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Tattoos and nail art are all the rage too

  • Body tattoos and nail art, along with regular manicures and pedicures, also dominate salon scenes.
  • Questions about how to care for skin, hair, nails and tattoos are more compared to the demand for a drastic change from current styles, salon experts say

“Whether it’s hair, skin or nails, young people want styles that are easy to maintain and long lasting. So we encourage hair treatments that can also be done at home – cleanses for the skin and a clean, gelled look for the nails. The young people seem to love it”

Priti Agarwalowner of a city salon

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Personal care at home

  • Some skip the salon and groom at home as part of their usual skin and hair care regimen
  • Those with a strict college dress code that doesn’t allow sleeveless or cropped clothing aren’t too bothered by the complex daily grooming sessions.
  • The boys have also returned to personal grooming at home
  • Most college girls are considering a wardrobe upgrade

“I’m not a huge salon fan, but I do shine my nails after a manicure and pedicure session at home.

My purple highlights are fading, so I plan to touch them up. Adjusting to my old jeans is a problem now. Wearing a saree all day on Saraswati Puja was equally difficult”

Rajnandini Deythird year, Loreto College

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College boys step up their style and go out again

“I’m back to enjoying my daily skin and hair care routine. Face wash, scrub, moisturizer and face oil are must-haves for me. After shampooing, I go for deep conditioning and forget about masks because they dry out my hair more.

Khushi Sahusecond year, Hazra Law College

“Now that college has started, I do more than just bathe and style my hair. I use hair wax and serums and look for hair treatments that won’t damage my hair from outside dust. My friends opt for in-salon skincare, but I do it at home with cleansers and sunscreens. Detan is something I need to rethink now that I’m going out. Plus, we all need to create an impression this Valentine’s week”

Sumit Kumar Kushwahathird year, Surendranath Law College

Students are adventurous when it comes to their hair. They also allow us stylists to get creative. Since they are young and mainly depend on pocket money, we offer them good discounts and offers. Also, spreading the word through digital platforms like Instagram and Facebook helps us connect with a lot of young people. They love having their trending styles posted on social media.

Mousumi Mitradirector of a chain of salons in Kolkata

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What services do youngsters in Kolkata opt for?

  • Hair Tattoos for Boys
  • Clean, gelled nails plus intricate nail art for girls
  • detanner for boys
  • Cleanses for girls to save skin from dust and sun
  • Manicure and pedicure appointments are on the rise
  • Haircuts are the law in the salons of the city
  • Hair colors in bright hues like bubblegum red, blue, purple and pink, balayage with babylights, ombre, classic highlights and silver part for girls are trending
  • Shaggy layers, mohawk, crew cut, pixie, asymmetrical bob, modern shag, modern mullets, textured one length bob, all low fade and textured tops are some of the trendy hairstyles

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