The 18 Best Wedding Invitation Belly Bands of 2022

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Belly bands are the accessory you didn’t know your wedding invitation suite needed. They are a convenient way to keep your invitations, details card, and RSVP card snug, while enhancing the look. Think of it as an organizational finishing touch.

Typically, belly bands are paper, much like the rest of your suite. But don’t let tradition limit you! You can also use vellum, leather, or string as a belly band, to name a few alternatives. And if you’re going for paper, consider opting for a laser-cut design like a flower, leaf vine, or city skyline. Stationers and designers often include optional belly bands for purchase with the invite suite, which can help you stay in tune with your aesthetic. But if they don’t, or if you prefer a mix and match effect, there are plenty of places you can find complementary belly bands independently.

You need to consider the overall aesthetic to make sure the belly band continues to look consistent with the rest of the suite, says stationery expert Cristy Fernandez. She also advises considering the size of the belly band to make sure it fits all the pieces in the invitation suite. And don’t forget the shipping method — it should work well for the whole suite as well as the appropriate postage depending on the type of shipment, she said.

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Cristy Fernandez is the owner and creative director of a printing company based in Denver, Colorado. lucky onion.

Read on for the best belly bands for every invite style.

What to Look for in a Wedding Invitation Belly Band

Consider the overall look of your bridal suite. Is the design minimal and monochromatic, or bright, colorful and textured? If you want to add contrast, opt for a bold headband on a quiet suite or something more understated on an already busy tabletop.

Before looking for belly bands, first check with your stationer to see if they have any suggestions or offer coordinating bands in the sequel you send. They can help you find the right fit for your particular design and style.


  • You can purchase belly bands separately from your invite suite. But Fernandez recommends working closely with your stationer so they can recommend the best type of belly band and help you with what to look for.

  • “Belly Bands are great for invitations that have enclosure cards in addition to the invitation,” Fernandez said. “If you want a more organized look, without going the folio or box route, belly bands deliver that look in a simple, uncomplicated way.”

    In contrast, she added, they can add to the bulk and weight of the overall invitation. This could make sending the suite more expensive.

  • Some of Fernandez’s favorite belly bands are translucent vellum with wax seals and a floral sprig, leather bands with your monogram or names engraved on the front, fabric with a unique pattern that winks to the flowers or the region where you are getting married, or a wooden or brass tag combined with a strip of paper or fabric.

    “I always like to explore different mediums to make the initial presentation unique and memorable, even a memory, for the guests,” says Fernandez.

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