The artist presents plastics in the form of creative art

Delhi-based artist Manveer Singh, laureate of the city-based Utsha Foundation for Contemporary Art’s “METIS Initiative on Plastics and Indo-Pacific Ocean 2021” residency, began his work last night at the Utsha facility.

The artist will stay in Utsha for a month and finish the work. The art residency is organized in collaboration with the French Development Agency (AFD).

It can be recalled here that Manveer’s candidacy was selected from among 26 candidates. His project “From Plastic to Art” was selected by a two-level jury made up of experts in the fields of Art, Environment and Urbanism last September.

The artist, while presenting his concept today, said “Concerned about the growing estrangement from Mother Nature and the excessive use of plastic, I chose the same material for the artwork. My artistic journey first consisted in creating art inspired by nature.

He also added that his core values ​​as a global citizen were creativity and sustainable development. As a result, for the past three years his life and works have been centered on how planet Earth turned into a Plastic planet. The objective of the project supported by METIS is to carry out a series of public interventions in the city and the maritime beach of Puri.

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