United Kingdom: tiny works of art sold for more than 100,000 euros

Small jobs at exorbitant prices. Made by British artist David A Lindon, miniature versions of famous paintings – such as “The Scream” by Munch, “The Pearl Girl” by Vermeer, “The Water Lily” by Monet, “The Balloon Girl” by Banksy, or Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” – have already been purchased by private collectors even before the start of the exhibition organized by the Hammond Galleries in Wolverhampton, central England, reported Le Figaro.

“It seemed natural to me to explore the paintings and find out how far I could go”, told the artist the bbc. “Although creating a micro-canvas uses the same process as making a life-size work of art, the emphasis is on transposing the aesthetic qualities of the original while representing them to the ladder. much smaller “, he explained.

Since 2018, the British artist is one of the three specialists (with Willard Wigan and Graham Short) of this type of creations, called “micro-art”, in England. These are mainly small paintings or sculptures made using a microscope. This meticulous work led the artist to enter a state of “Almost emotionless trance”, he reveals in the British media, while stressing that he works at night in order to avoid noise and distractions.

“A physical challenge and a mental fight”

These intricate works of art – each 0.5mm wide piece of which requires more than a month’s work – turn out to be a true “A physical challenge and a mental battle”, he added. “I basically have to slow my heart rate down. I control my nerves, I stabilize myself. I get lost in my own world, really.

He finds satisfaction in the result: “The only thing I appreciate is when it’s done. That relief, then seeing the expressions of joy and surprise on people’s faces, is fantastic.

An engineer by training, the creator admits to having been inspired by the micro-artist Willard Wigan, before embarking on this artistic adventure, equipped with a simple needle head. While his colleague recently described him as one of the best artists in his field, David A Lindon expressed surprise at the sudden interest in his art: “Suddenly the future looks very exciting and I’m not sure things will ever be the same again! “ he rejoices.

The exhibition – organized across the Channel by the Hammond Galleries at the Light House Media Center, from October 8 to 29, 2021 – will highlight twelve works by David A Lindon, including six recently sold micro-masterpieces. Asked by the BBC, Hammond Galleries director Edward Hammond said he was “Delighted with the sale of David’s first set of micro-masterpieces and the reception of his work around the world. ”

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