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Beginning in fall 2021, COLFA launched a tactical visioning exercise to help the college identify its greatest strengths and opportunities, lay the groundwork for future strategic planning, and coalesce a shared identity across its nine academic departments. . As part of this visioning process, the UTSA-SSA merger plays a fundamental role in the evolution of COLFA as the college seeks to amplify its already strong arts program.

This includes the development and approval of a new BFA curriculum that incorporates key elements of the previous UTSA and SSA BFA curricula, including an emphasis on interdisciplinarity and career-oriented artistic education.

“The new art school will bring together the best of both programs to provide an arts education that will become the new standard in our region and potentially nationally,” said Greg Elliotpresident of the department of art and art history at UTSA.

Incoming Acting Department Director Libby Rowe echoed his statement and added, “Our updated BFA program combines the contemporary studio-based art practices for which UTSA has become known in the arts community with a continued focus on marketable skills as well as professional engagement and community that SSA offers to graduate students.

UTSA will soon launch a nationwide search for a founding principal of the newly merged school, as well as an Associate Dean for Community Engagement and the Arts who will lead the “UTSA Arts” initiative.

More immediately, the university and college will begin a process of selecting a name for the new school of arts. “Through an engaged process in the community, we aim to establish a name that will honor the vision of the Southwest School of Art while projecting into the future of arts education in San Antonio and beyond,” said Martinez. “The name we choose today will be synonymous with excellence in arts education for generations to come.

An SSA-UTSA Community Advisory Committee comprised of external community members will help formulate a new name, assess the significance of the “Southwest” name and brand, and identify how best to honor that meaning at the coming.

The outcome of the External Community Advisory Board’s work will then be shared with internal members of the Advisory Board comprised of faculty and staff from SSA and UTSA’s Department of Art and Art History. Internal advisory board members will evaluate options related to the academic content of the name (e.g. creative/visual/fine art, art history, new media, creative/content production, etc.) and suggest options of potential denominations.

Finally, the multiple options suggested by both sides of the advisory committee will be integrated and presented to a broader group of internal and external stakeholders for further comment. After receiving this advisory information and after consulting with others as necessary, President Eighmy will finalize the name of the new school in accordance with UT system policy.

The new name is expected to be revealed by the 2022-2023 school year in August.

“We are excited to begin this process, with partners in San Antonio and UTSA, to select a name that honors the vision of the Southwest School of Art and projects the school’s future impact by unleashing the momentum creativity of our community for generations. come,” Martinez said.

Kimberly Andrews EspySenior Vice President and Vice President for Academic Affairs, shared her vision for the UTSA-SSA merger and how it reflects the progressive growth of UTSA.

“When we began this journey last year to combine our programs, we knew this collaboration had enormous potential benefit for the students, staff, faculty and community of San Antonio from SSA and UTSA,” Espy said. . “As we have continued the work during this academic year, our resolve and enthusiasm have only grown as more and more stakeholders embrace our shared vision to be recognized as one of the best schools focused on the broader arts with deep local impact and broad global reach.”

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