Vrindavan institute to include art forms in its curriculum

Mathura, June 10 (IANS): The Vrindavan Research Institute is preparing to incorporate traditional art forms into the curriculum of certificate courses in the State Cultural University curriculum.

The institute is in the process of finalizing the curriculum of four subjects namely Sanjhi Art, Braj Lok Sangeet, Ras Leela and Braj Bhasha.

The director of the institute, Dr. AK Pandey, said: “The program will be completed within 15 days and we will submit it to the state government for approval. The government wants to promote Braj culture and we have been asked to prepare a program for a few subjects. It will include both theoretical and practical aspects of the art, with the aim of developing its interest among young people.”

So far, this art is limited to temples only. The ancient artwork uses hand stencils cut from paper to create patterns on the floor.

Sanjhi art has special significance in mythology. It is believed that Radha used to decorate the walls with Sanjhi Art to attract Lord Krishna’s attention when he came back after grazing cows.

Rajesh Sharma, a researcher, said: “Children learn the art of Sanjhi in workshop sessions at the institute, but it still needs a wider platform for others to learn the artistic model and popularize it.”

The scholar further added that there are two types of Sanjhi art, temple culture and folk culture.

In temple culture there is a depiction of Radha-Krishna Leela while in popular culture he is drawn on the walls using colors and cow dung.

A Sanjhi Art panel was recently donated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to US President Joe Biden.

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