When you think of the highway. 401, does artistic expression come to mind?

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If you live in London, you’ve probably driven on the 401 highway.

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But have you ever thought of the six-lane highway as art?

Museum London adds photographs of “an iconic stretch of the Southwestern Ontario highway” to its collection, claiming it is an important nod to culture and culture. history of the region.

Digital prints by artist Gary Spearin, called 401Exit232: East and West, were all taken from a vantage point atop the overpass at Exit 232 near Woodstock, Ontario. The work was originally shown in a 2018 exhibition at the Woodstock Art Gallery.

“Highways like the 401 are so often seen as just infrastructure – places of high-speed transit, engineering achievements. Gary’s work reminds us of the crucial impact of 401 (k) on the whole culture of southwestern Ontario and the way we think about ourselves, ”said Museum London Director Brian Meehan , in a press release.

Spearin, who was born in Hamilton and studied art at the University of Guelph and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, took the photographs when the overpass was replaced and moved slightly in 2018.

This is where the late London painter Jack Chambers took the photographs on which his famous painting, 401 Towards London No. 1, was based. Spearin and the province placed a commemorative plaque near the location of the original Chambers photographs when the viaduct was rebuilt.

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