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Lebanese fashion brand Aboud Jammal is one to watch.

The eponymous fashion label, launched six years ago by designer Aboud Jammal, recently launched its latest collection titled “Spectrum” during the FW22 Arab Fashion Week in Dubai. This is the Arab brand’s first ready-to-wear collection.

Free-spirited, Jammal has always been creative and particularly fascinated by women’s fashion inspired “from the outside”, he recalls in an interview with Emirates woman.

“Specific designs, styles and patterns resonate with my style,” he adds, which is especially prevalent in his latest collection.

Sleek silhouettes, tassels and monochromatic hues took center stage at Spectrum’s unveiling, highlighting movement as a key factor in the collection, showcasing unique evening wear.

EW spoke with the designer to learn more about his passion for creativity and how he is bringing the world of Arab fashion to the global stage.

What prompted you to enter the fashion world?

I have always been free-spirited, fascinated by art and driven by the beauty that surrounds me. I have always been passionate about fashion and colors since my youngest age. I explored my love of drawing and creating designs, even though I grew up in a home of law practitioners, with the full support of my family, I started studying fashion design at Esmod Beirut . My inspiration comes from the outside world, there is an abundance of culture to discover from nature. The nature-friendly factor inspires creativity in design, encompassing personality, color and variety. Specific designs, styles and patterns resonate with my style.

You recently launched your latest collection during Arab Fashion Week in Dubai – how was it and what was the reception?

It is important for fashion brands to keep up with the seasons, being part of the fashion calendar has been an honor. The presentation of Aboud Jammal’s first ready-to-wear collection was a great success in Dubai.

Can you tell us about the inspiration for your latest collection?

From the spectrum of Latin origin: meaning to appear to be held, for FW22/23, the Aboud Jammal woman is bathed in the light of attention, and revels in the affirmation of her poise. Pronounced in hues of warm, bold hues, our woman marches to the beat of her drum, a dreamlike specter in diaphanous adornment, inaccessible until she decides. Conventionally relaxed archetypes collide with the allure and materiality of evening wear where traditional embroidery is abandoned, and the emphasis is placed on the purity of the silhouette, the color tones and the spontaneous movement of the fabrics, in a refined outfit, the Aboud Jammal woman is under control but under the bangs, resides a poetic vivacity, exclusive for a privileged few.

How do you hope to empower the people who wear your designs?

At Aboud Jammal we continually seek excellence and the very best in design and craftsmanship striving to set new standards of quality by fusing tradition and modern luxury, we create products that stay true to the brand values which confirm our absolute commitment to providing the highest levels of quality that allow us to set the tone for the latest trends. Our brand encompasses a blend of refined glamor of strong femininity, elevated elegance and timelessness in its appeal. Our creations are designed for the contemporary woman, with timeless elegance.

You founded your fashion house in 2016, how have things evolved for you over the past six years?

Creating Aboud Jammal was the proudest moment of my life. It was not an easy road to travel, mainly because I was the only person managing the brand at the time. I had to learn from my own mistakes, to improve brand management. Every day, I evolve, I learn new techniques and I seek excellence and the best designs to flourish.

During your career, what challenges have you had to overcome?

As an ambitious designer, striving for excellence, achieving high goals and becoming an internationally recognized fashion house, starting a business in Lebanon has been very difficult, due to the political crisis and economy that affects the stability and consistency of our work. .

In the meantime, what have been the milestones?

To be one of the few youngest fashion designers in Lebanon and to have won the inaugural BYFD Beirut Young Fashion Designers Award, which was a cornerstone in the creation of Aboud Jammal Fashion House. Subsequently, the launch of my first couture collection at Forum De Beyrouth in 2016, being the only Lebanese designer at La Fête De La Mode in Tunis, was a great success. Presenting my Spring-Summer 2021 couture collection, through a presentation on the official Paris Fashion Week events calendar, was an important step for the brand. Introducing our first RTW Womenswear Fall-Winter 2022-2023 collection at Arab Fashion Week in Dubai.

How do you hope to further put Arabic fashion on the map with your brand?

To become an internationally recognized fashion house, Aboud Jammal is a brand of Arab origin, however, our clientele comes from different parts of the world, not only from the MENA region. We will continue to showcase our seasonal collections in Dubai during Arab Fashion Week and focus on our main message, to make women feel in control and dominant, she will conquer the world while feeling empowered. timeless elegance by wearing Aboud Jammal.

What’s next for Aboud Jammal?

Aboud Jammal has always valued couture. Recently, in Dubai, we launched our first women’s ready-to-wear, where we also launched our line of bags and shoes. Our expectations for the future are to develop the brand.

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